About Safe Space Allies

Safe Space Allies is a GA-based educational non-profit that promotes the creation of safe educational, and event spaces for the Alternative Relationship, Polyamorous, Fetish, Kink, and BDSM communities as well as other groups who seek to educate and support alternative relationship lifestyles.

The overarching mission of SSA is to promote the creation of an Alternative Relationship Ecosystem in the communities we serve by fostering networks of safe spaces and responsible groups.

We believe that better access to education and information about consensual alternative relationship models is vital for the health, safety, and growth of those who choose to live outside traditional relationships. Fostering that acceptance and understanding requires among other things a physical focal point or points. There is no substitute for welcoming venues and events where people can network and exchange ideas.

We believe that, for the foreseeable future, there is no shortage of potential ARCC patrons as our communities are currently woefully underserved. Therefore SSA will lend its support to other groups aligned with our goals, philosophy, and vision,

SSA’s long-term goal is the creation of a community-owned Alternative Relationship Center. This would give the Alternative Relationship Community a permanent home in Atlanta free of leases and landlords. A family needs a home and ARCC can be the permanent home that every Alternative community dreams of.

Creating ARCC or an equivalent space will be a mountainous task. To further that long-term goal SSA will be engaging in numerous fundraising activities as well as building needed services for the community.

Safe Space Allies short-term projects:

We will be acquiring or commissioning lightweight portable equipment which can be lent or rented out for home-based or pop-up ARL events.

We are developing a cost-effective ticketing software interface that will be friendlier to alternative and kink promoters while helping to fund SSA’s various projects.

We will be hosting munches, sloshes, picnics, roundtables, newbie events, and anything else we can handle as well as working with all interested stakeholders to create a permanent community-based educational and social space.